Prime Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding System

Prime Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding System

Solid PVC panels and accessories for interior wall cladding projects
PALCLAD Prime is a cladding system consisting of solid PVC panels and various installation accessories that ensure a clean, professional installation.

The PALCLAD Prime system provides many mechanical benefits that simplify cleaning & maintenance and enhance long-term aesthetics, including exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, moisture, stains, and spills. PALCLAD Prime panels can be easily cut, formed and fabricated onsite while keeping their original physical properties intact. If you are interested in adding more creativity to your project, PALCLAD Prime is also an excellent substrate for digital printing, and be used to create decorative walls covering that are attractive, elegant and visually appealing.

PALCLAD™ Prime HYG is an antimicrobial version that sets a higher standard of sanitation and bio-security.

Main Benefits

Complete cladding solution with color-matched installation profiles or welding rods available
Multiple colors & surfaces for a variety of design possibilities
Excellent for environments with high sanitation requirements
Withstands repeated cleaning cycles
High impact strength and fire resistance
Available with HYG additives for active antimicrobial protection
PALCLAD Prime Typical Applications
Public facilities: schools, restrooms, airports, public transportation facilities
Agriculture: milking parlors, layer chambers, incubators, broilers, refrigeration facilities, bio-secured facilities, storages.
Antimicrobial wall protection for food manufacturing: food plants, food preparation areas, sorting halls, storage/refrigeration rooms, industrial kitchens
Antimicrobial wall protection for hospitals: sterile/clean rooms, clinics, pharmaceutical plants, pharmacies, operation theaters

PALCLAD Prime wall cladding system provides a practical, cost-efficient and comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean and safe environment. It is suitable for covering large areas and complies with the highest fire regulations demands while providing excellent resistance to chemicals. The PALCLAD Prime (standard and HYG) wall cladding system has been installed worldwide. The type of facilities where it has been installed includes hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants and broiler & layers farms.The system consists of flat opaque PVC panels, connecting profiles and welding rods in matching colors. A wide range of colors and surface textures enables design versatility, and the system’s durability ensures long-term resistance to repetitive cleaning routines.


Available with HYG active anti-microbial wall cladding protectionPalram’s HYG technology sets a higher standard for hygienic cladding and facilitates high levels of sanitation.

PALCLAD Prime HYG has either eliminated or inhibited the growth of all the pathogens tested to date, including microorganisms that can affect the appearance of the panel. Since silver ions are uniformly distributed through to the core of the panel, a scratched or damaged surface will not affect its antimicrobial properties.

Silver ions are incorporated into the PVC compound before the extrusion process, and improve the inherent antimicrobial quality of the rigid PVC panel.
They enable the panel to influence a wide variety of microbes on contact, including those resistant to antibiotics.PALCLAD Prime HYG is installed as wall cladding.
Microbes approach the surface.
Upon contact, active silver ions are transferred onto the microbes, cease their mitosis and significantly reducing them.
Dead microbes are removed by simple cleaning routine.
Active antimicrobial action for wall-cladding solutions
PVC antimicrobial plastic sheets made with HYG™ technology aren’t just easy to clean. HYG™ technology is effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria, mold, fungi and mildew.  PVC sheets and systems produced with HYG additives have proven to actively reduce bacterial colony development. Palram’s bacteria-resistant wall protection solutions are designed for applications that demand the most stringent hygienic conditions such as hospitals, kitchens, food storage areas, and agricultural facilities.
Reduces microbial and bacterial colony formation
Protects against mold, mildew and fungi
Life-long antimicrobial effect
Maintains antimicrobial activity also when worn and scuffed.
Active hygienic properties are retained after forming and fabrication.
USDA/FDA Compliant
Common Applications
Wall cladding and ceiling panels
Healthcare facilities
Chemical process industries
Sterile surfaces in laboratories
Food preparation industry
Antimicrobial wall protection for laboratories
Animal husbandry
Poultry housing
Fresh food displays
Fresh meat storage
Supermarket shelves
Interior partitions
Fabricated and structural models
Exhibition stands