Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Widest range of clear flat polycarbonate roof panels, glazing and sign & display solutions

For over 35 years, Palram has steadily expanded its portfolio of PALSUN polycarbonate products for a variety of markets.
Flat solid polycarbonate sheets are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications.

PALSUN clear flat polycarbonate sheets are 200 times stronger than glass, but with less than half the weight. PALSUN offers extraordinary impact resistance and durability, and is available in a range of tints and clarity from glass-like clear polycarbonate sheets, to opaque, translucent or colored sheets with varying levels of clarity and light transmission and diffusion. Palram’s SolarSmartâ„¢ technology provides selective solar transmittance, breaking the traditional ratio between light and heat build-up.

Millions of square meters of PALSUN has been installed around the world in projects that surpass the imagination.
PALSUN’s impact strength, easy fabrication, and excellent ink adhesion also make it an ideal solution for digital printing, displays, thermoformed signs, and backlit and illuminated signage.

Main Benefits
200 times stronger than glass, less than half the weight; stronger and lighter than aluminum
Ideal for use as safety glazing or vandalism protection
Available with 1 or 2 sided co-extruded UV protection for improved durability
Available in clear, with up to 90% light transmission; tinted, colored, or embossed for a variety of light transmission & light diffusion options
Withstands blunt force pounding
Withstands nature’s most extreme hot and cold climates
Protects people, plants, furniture and other objects from UV exposure
Provides good thermal insulation, considerably better than glass or aluminum
Resists various chemicals and other substances
Easy to mount, work with, and install
Excellent ink adhesion and print quality
Flexible, formable, machinable; hot/cold bend or thermoform it into an unlimited range of shapes
The need for protective partitions and barriers to fight the spread of infectious diseases continues to grow. Sneeze guards and checkout partitions are in high demand within grocery stores, retail establishments, healthcare facilities and other public spaces.clear, monolithic polycarbonate provides:

High clarity, light transmission and visibility
Lighter weight than monolithic sheet
Simple to handle, cut and install
Easy to clean & disinfect